Daredevil Slots

One of Playtechs most impeccable slot games, Daredevil manages to please the most! This superhero, though blind is one of the strongest Marvel comic heroes due to his heightened senses, which occurred due to the radiation. If you love Daredevil or even Marvel for that matter, you will absolutely love this game for sure. With great graphics, background music and thrilling features, this slot game is amongst one of the most favorite and deserves a high rating. Adding to that is the fact that the scatter symbol bonus occurs frequently and the pay range there is massive so your percentage chances of winning is quite high. You also get a chance at the mega Marvel Jackpot Bonus that is known to pay like crazy.

In addition to that, it also has an exclusive feature known as the Bull’s Eye, which is an adrenaline rush in its own! Did you place the marker at the right spot? You will know only once you start playing the game!

This game is for those who want to make some good winnings yet have a blast, so if you fancy spending your time having some real fun, this is your safest bet!


You can pick your coin size ranging from $0.01 to $5 with a total bet amounting to a maximum of $1000.

As you have a total of 20 paylines, you can chose how much you want to bet on each line thus making this a pretty exclusive game personalized by the player. 

Win lines 

What about win lines? Well, this game is completely automated with respect to paylines. You have 20 paylines and they are mandatory in every roll. Nothing more, nothing less. All combinations are counted on every payline and are shown in the wins tab.

Normal Symbols 

The normal symbols include the nos. of a deck of playing cards, namely 1 – 10 and Jack (J), Queen (Q) and a King (K). To add to those, you have the guy with the cigar, the girl, the bulls’ eye marked guy, the swords and the daredevil weapon. Other than these, you also have special symbols too.

Wild/Scatter/Bonus symbols 

A feature exclusive to this game is the Bulls’ eye sign. You can place this sign anywhere on the 15 symbols and spin. If the guy with the bulls’ eye on his forehead symbol comes right under it, that round, you get paid 3x the winning. This symbol is the pseudo-bonus symbol for this slot.

The wild symbol, which is equivalent to a joker, is the Daredevil symbol and substitutes for any symbol excluding the scatter.

The Double D symbol which is also the scatter symbol for this game activated a bonus round with random wilds when 3 or more of this symbol appears on the reels. In this round, Daredevil randomly scans the reels and converts them into wilds thus earning you bumper wins. The more the scatters that appear, the more the stakes increase. You get 8 free spins.

As Daredevil is a part of Marvel comics, it is also eligible for the Marvel Jackpot bonus, which is a bonus available for all Marvel comics related Playtech slot games. If triggered, you could get a chance to play one of the four Marvel slots in a bid to win a huge prize.

This was but a short presentation of the Daredevil Slot, with a basic explanation of various slot machine features to aid you. However, the best way to really understand the game is to try and play it yourself, no better feeling than that. Find a reliable online casino website and start playing already. Time to help the blind superhero fight for justice! Good luck!

Lobstermania Slots

Composed and created by IGT, the Lobstermania slots machine guarantees extraordinary fun, on account of its intuitive and exciting gimmicks. The charming and alluring symbols display in the game compel an expansive number of new players to attempt it each time they visit online gambling joints and live casinos. The energizing and special bonus rounds offered in this fascinating slot variety are known to remunerate fortunate players with huge money prizes.

Offering five reels and twenty five pay lines, the Lobstermania slots machine is among the most amazing slot games out there. Players have the chance to put down a huge wager of 75 coins for each spin. Notwithstanding, the amassing of greatest wagers will bring about card sharks having superb chances to win the ultimate prize that adds up to an eminent 50,000 coins!

The utilization of fluid gem show fundamentally improves the design and sound quality, making the varieties of the Lobstermania slot game more alluring to players. The slot utilizes Reel Touch engineering and offers players an enhanced betting knowledge. The purpose behind such enormous jackpot prizes is the association of Lobstermania slots machines with other progressive slots.

The excellent enlivened illustrations on showcase on Lobstermania slots machines and its utilization of entrancing cartoon characters affirms the game’s status as among the most appealing ones on offer. The screen of the slot game emerges when contrasted with slots machines of a comparative nature. The presentation of the game is exceptional, and the simplicity with which a player can explore just adds to the fun each time he plays the exciting game. The traps and principles of Lobstermania video slots machines are decently easy to comprehend, making it unimaginably simple for apprentice players to discover their footing. This is the motivation behind why Lobstermania is emulated excitedly among amateurs and general players indistinguishable.

The wild characters used in Lobstermania slots machines take the energy to another level. The game engages gamers not just because of the way that winning is made simpler with numerous lines additionally because of the five crazy characters that convey a gigantic jackpot on a win line.

Lobstermania’s bonus round oblige a large amount of focus and centering. The Great Lobster Escape round gimmicks the presence of confined lobster symbols on screen. These images are exceptionally vital to splitting the bonus round. It is fundamental to have solid sight to recognize the images that seem haphazardly on your screen. The symbols may pop up any place, and spotting them as fast as they are seen will trigger the Great Lobster Escape and qualifies you for extraordinary prizes. You are obliged to get at least three confined lobster images if the bonus round is to be actuated.

This bonus game obliges you to give support to the lobster companions of Lucky Larry and help them escape. The game is decently simple. You should simply help out free whatever number lobsters as could be expected under the circumstances on the grounds that this will expand Lucky Larry’s bliss, implying that the extra improves continuously. Your “rewards” will keep accumulating as you make every lobster escape. Keep in mind that the bonus round will end the minute you neglect to help a lobster make its escape.

Lobstermania’s slots have an alternate interesting bonus game called Buoy Bonus Round. Enormous rewards are a plausibility focused around your capacity to get lobsters. The Buoy Bonus Round is activated when a player gets three symbols inside the initial three win lines. Many float images might be seen showing up on screen in this bonus round, and each of them has a concealed lobster that accompanies it. Your choice from the floats will be dead set focused around the Lobstermania symbol that you first got in the starting screen.

After your decision has been made, the lobster traps relating to your choices will be shown on screen, demonstrating your rewards. Your rewards will be dead set focused around the extent of the lobster you pick. The bigger it is, the greater your rewards will be. The unreliable bit is that there are a couple of void traps also, so it is critical to think well preceding picking your choice. The round will end in the event that you pick an unfilled pot!

Atlantis Queen Slot Machine

Do you remember the legendary story of the city that had huge naval power and sunk deep into the ocean whilst trying to attack the city of Athens? Yes, you got it right! We are talking about Atlantis, the massive city having a ‘Demonstrous’ naval power lying deep beneath the ocean heart now. Imagine what a great experience would that have been if we could visit the city of Atlantis to unveil its secrets. Surely, that could be awesome!

However, with the stepping in of Playtech, you no more need to regret not having been able to visit the city and unveil its secrets. Playtech, the slot gaming giant has unveiled an inevitable slot game, Atlantis Queen Slot machine game that is based on the sunken city of Atlantis underneath the ocean. Slot gamers who fancy playing adventurous and dynamically vibrant slot games will surely adore the experience of playing this fancy slot game.

Atlantis Queen Slot game is a bit similar to that of another Playtech game Gladiator. The game is actually based on the mythical Atlantis city themed on Atlantis as well as Neptune. The game provides tons of exciting features, decent payouts and handful bonus cash rewards that make it more interesting to the slot gamers. Dive deep into the underlying city of Atlantis and unveil the mystery, thrilling features and lots of exciting cash rewards to call it a day! Atlantis Queens slot game is a 5 reel video slot machine game having 20 pay lines granting the top jackpot of 5000 coins equivalent to $25,00,000 as well as the Scatter symbol cash reward of $ 1,250,000.

Coin sizes:

Coin sizes similar to every other slot game play an important role here too in calculating the winning stake. Coin sizes vary in Atlantis Queen Slot game, ranging from a minimum of $ 0.01 to $ 5 per bet. You could set a lucrative gamble by setting it from $ 0.20 up to $ 500 per pay line. The maximum number of coins that could be waged per line is 1 and for 25 distinct lines and you can place your bets distinctly. The maximum jackpot in Atlantis Queen Slot game is $2,500,000 or 5000 coins for procuring 5 simultaneous Poseidon symbols scattered anywhere on the Reels.


Wild Symbols:

Queen Atlantis is the Wild Symbol of Atlantis Queen Slot game that could replace any symbols to create a winning combo. The Atlantis Queen Wild symbol might show up anywhere on the 2nd Reel, 3rd Reel or on the 4th Reel to make a winning combo for you. When a player amasses 3 or more Atlantis Queen Wild Symbols, the Pearl Bonus feature is triggered on to make more potential winning chances.

Scatter Symbols:

Atlantis Temple is the Scatter Symbol of the Atlantis Queen Slot game. Being scatter symbols, Atlantis Temple needs not to appear on a single pay line to make the winning combo. Instead, scattered anywhere on the 5 Reels, Atlantis Temple could make a winning pattern for the players fetching them thrilling cash rewards. Three or more numbers of Atlantis Temple Scatter symbol appearing anywhere scattered on the reels could pave your way to the Atlantis Temple Bonus Round to get your stake going pop. Temple Scatter symbol can give a boost of X2 up to X150 multipliers to a players’ original stake, earning more profits to them, along with the potentiality of procuring more numbers of free spins.

Atlantis Queen Bonus Slot Round:

Pearl Bonus round is one of the most fascinating bonus games in the Atlantis Queen Slot game. If 3 or more Atlantis Queen Wild symbols show up on the second, third or the fourth reels, the Pearl Bonus Round is triggered on, which will provide you with 9 random shells having free gifts.

Furthermore, Atlantis Temple Bonus game is another bonus round that paves the way for exciting rewards to be won by the players. You could explore the bonus round in the cryptic dwelling place of the Great Mermaid. Three or more numbers of Temple Scatter symbols could initiate the Atlantis Temple Bonus Round to earn you free spin chances, boosting multipliers, thereby creating a perfect winning combo. Play this amazing slot game and hit the Bull’s eye procuring the massive jackpot amount of 5000 coins or $ 2,500,000 cash rewards.

Avengers Slot Machine Game

Overview of the Avengers Slot Machine Game: Earn Rewards from Marvel

The slot gaming giant Playtech now brings to you all the thrills and actions from Marvel’s Avengers to make slot gaming an action-loaded adventure for you. Avengers’ Slot machine game from Playtech is a breakthrough slot machine game that offers exciting features, bonuses and inevitable cash rewards to the players. Avengers Slot game is sure to thrill you with astonishing graphics and vibrant skin that is sure to surpass your expectations of playing a high-end slot game. Avengers slot game is a 5 Reel video slot game having 20 Paylines and a whopping jackpot of 10,000 coins. Sounds interesting, right? Then continue reading about this inviting slot machine game to ensure you win high on the slot machine.

Avengers Slot Game, based on the theme of Marvel’s Avengers superheroes Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Electra etc, ensures an unmatched slot gaming experience to the slot gamers. Furthermore, the most fascinating feature of this inviting Avengers Slot game is that with each of the pay lines, a thrilling and lucrative jackpot is associated which doubles the chances of winning big to the players. To procure potential chances of winning these jackpots, all you need to have is 5 simultaneous Captain America, the wild symbol on the 5 reels queued in a specific, enabled pay line. Having various distinct wager limits, a player could place wagers from 20 pence up to $500 for a single spin on a specific enabled pay line. Moreover, Avengers Slot game offers thrilling and unique bonus rounds with amazing features to make slot gaming an unmatched experience to the gamblers.  

Coin size:

Selecting the right coin size is one of the first and foremost steps to take before setting off your wagers. Depending on the size of the coins, a player’s winning stake is evaluated, so an utmost consideration must be given to the coin sizes. Coming to the coin sizes, a player could place wagers from a minimum amount of $ 0.01 up to £500 with the highest jackpot amount of 10,000 coins. A player could place wagers of 20 coins for a single pay line and having 20 pay lines, this amazing slot game offers quite a fabulous winning stake. Your winning stake is calculated multiplying the coin size with the wager placed on the winning pay line.

Assured Payout:

Just like any other slot games based on Marvel from Playtech, Avengers slot game also boasts of a high payout assured to the gamers. Avenger slot game’s RTP counts for 95%, which is quite an amazing achievement. Only 0.99% of the players’ stake is fed to its jackpot pool.

Wild Symbols:

The Wild symbol in the Avengers Slot game is Captain America’s Shield symbol that could replace any symbols to create a perfect winning combo. Only the scatter Symbols are not replaced by the Wild symbols. If 3 or more Wild Symbols appear across the reels, players could pocket a decent amount of cash rewards.

Scatter Symbols & Bonus:

The Avengers Logo is the Scatter symbol in the Avenger slot game. It could show up anywhere scattered on the 5 reels and does not need to appear in a sequence or on a single payline to create a winning combo. If a player acquires 3 or more scatter symbols they are rewarded with free spins and entry to the bonus game, where chances of winning go up to 7000 times of your winning stake, especially in the Thor feature of the game. If you acquire multiple Iron Man symbols, you are rewarded with 9 free spin chances having multipliers counting from x2 up to X5. The Hulk feature will also enable 9 free spins to pop up your actual stake. Also the Marvel Jackpot bonus round is randomly initiated where you will be provided with many boxes and you need to uncover them on after another. If you happen to make a winning sequence with the right symbols, you are sure to procure a massive jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Zuma Slots Overview

If you are a seasoned bingo or slots player then chances are you will have heard of Zuma.  Zuma slots is one of the most popular slot machines in the UK and is featured on some of the biggest bingo and casino brands.  The game is a typical 5 reel video slot which means you have 5 reels that can be used to spin winning combinations.  There are 20 win-lines and you can choose how many of these you want to cover.  It is normally advisable to cover all 20 and you can bet from as little as 1p per line.

If you are looking for a new site to join where you can play this famous game, and want to receive a welcome bonus when signing up, check out the list of sites below.

Casinos and Bingo Sites That Offer Zuma Slots

Heart Games

Heart Games is part of the Gamesys group – a leading UK based company that operates the likes of JackpotJoy, Sun Bingo, and Caesars Casino.  Although it is one of the newer brands to hit the market, it has grown into one of the most popular bingo sites in the UK, with a massive community, great suite of games and customer support that would rival any of the big boys.

Games include: Zuma Slots, Double Bubble, Mystic Meg, Fun in the Sun, In it for the Monet and Fortune Temple.  As well as offering a variety of slot machines to choose from, there are also a

If you want to sign up for an account with Heart Games, today, then you will be entitled to its 200% new player bonus. Simply register for an account, make a deposit, and this will be tripled up to  £200 free.

Virgin Games

Another leading bingo and slots site is Virgin Games.  Originally called Virgin Casino, the brand was bought by Gamesys who wanted to target more mainstream clientele.  It introduced may of the games that were popular on its flagship site, JackpotJoy, including bingo, Double Bubble and Zuma Slots.  It has since grown to be an extremely popular website and is in fact in the top 2000 most visited in the UK.

About Zuma Slots

Zuma is set in Aztec Mexico (without the human sacrifice!) and as with any slot machine, the aim of the game is to spin winning combinations of game icons including masks, wild multiplier symbols, and frogs.  The bonus is activated by spinning three or more frogs onto the screen.  For more information on the Zuma slot bonus mode, please see below.

Zuma Bonus

As mentioned above, to reach the bonus round, simply spin three Zuma frogs onto the screen .  You will then be then asked which mask you want to choose, and this will determine how many free spins you are allowed.  The number of free spin ranges from 2-20 and once the free spins have ended, you will again be asked to choose from five masks, and this will determine the multiplier you will be rewarded with.  For example, if you are lucky enough to choose an 8x multiplier then a win of £50 on the bonus game will entitle you to a total of £400.